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螢幕快照 2019-01-28 下午2.57.40.png

Suzhou Traditionow Residency|Tiger Hill 

The very concept of the design highlights a modern mindset. Basing on the Chinese name of Tiger Hill, the designer applies the common name association of digital communication to the design concepts and symbolized imagery, which helps the historical story to leave a more vivid impression on its audience. 

The screen breaks out of the common presentation of static flowers and birds to embroider scarlet jumping flames with dazzling gloss, which are juxtaposed with the tabby made with the western stained-glass techniques. The contrast between traditional Chinese and Western crafts highlights the timeless beauty of Chinese traditional crafts.


organizer | 上海起承文化发展有限公司 

craftsmanship | Suzhou embroidery、Glass inlay 

designer | Changchien Shihyang


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