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ZISHI is an art and design studio based in Taipei Taiwan since 2013. The brand introduces the traditional blue and white porcelain in a modern aesthetic and has been exhibited worldwide including Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, and Beijing. ZISHI has created exciting ideas and engaging stories through working with firms including both local Taiwanese brands and international cooperates. ZISHI offers services with a range of product design, apparel design, installation, space design, and branding, hoping to seek a balance between art, design and business. 


Zishi Art (brand)


Zishi Studio (commissioned )


Visual art
Product design 

Clients include:

Disney, MARVEL, StarWars, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH , Fion, FNAC, 株式会社Vidaway, KuoYuanYe,  JIA Inc, CMP Block Museum of Arts, Art & Arch Museum , The Per-2 Art Center Kaohsiung, Goodstudio, Wolf Tea, GoodChu's, Editions du Flaneur

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