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MAZENDO|Brand Identity Design


Founded in 2010, the well-known Taiwanese restaurant brand "MAZENDO" offers Taiwanese cuisine from a modern perspective.

As the brand celebrating its tenth year, Mazendo partners with Zishi Studio to create a new identity for the brand.

MAZENDO was established in the Year of the Tiger and it’s most famous spicy soup base is made with its exclusive “ tiger sauce”. Therefore, the tiger becomes a representative symbol of Mazendo. We use tigers as the main character, combining the unique taste of Mazendo to highlight the brand’s core concept of presenting classic Taiwanese cuisine while adheres to innovative ideas.


client | 麻膳堂 MAZENDO

design agency |  Zishi Studio

art director | Changchien Shihyang

project manager | Ou tzu ching

identity design | Changchien Shihyang

typography design | Ting-Yu Tseng

graphic design | Mongo Wang 

glass painting & photo | kingsonartworks


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