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Kuo Yuan Ye Campaign Project|Dessert plates 

Kuo Yuan Ye is a chain pastry shop in Taiwan since 1867. In 152 years, the brand started from a street stand and grown to become renowned for its dedication to preserving the traditional Taiwanese culture and offering aesthetic pastries. 

Inspired by the urban outdoor lifestyle trending today, Zishi Studio collaborates with the Kuo Yuan Ye and wanted to bring the traditional pastry back on the streets, just like when the brand started the brand 152 years ago. 

The project includes a food trolley, a sign, a set of ceramic dessert plates and a set of ceramic display plates. 

 Ceramic emboss dessert plates set


client | Kuo Yuan Ye
design agency |  Zishi Studio
art director | Changchien Shihyang
project manager | Ou tzu ching
designer | Ting-Yu Tseng


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