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Ocean Heritage|Bag Collection

FION has been cultivating Asian leather goods since 1979. Introduced the material and craft skills from Europe for more than 40 years, FION has achieved its consistent quality and details. In the 1980s, the brand outspread to Japan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and more places. In the 1990s, with the experience of the international market, FION returned to China and rapidly expanded to this day.

“Ocean Heritage” is FION’s new product line designed by ZISHI Studio that includes leather goods, apparel, scent set, and tea set. This line was inspired by the brand’s long-standing spirit as if it were the great explorer on the wave. These sea monsters were inspired by mythical animals from the “Shan Hai Jing”, which has enriched Chinese culture, society, and religion for centuries. Zishi created the exclusive monsters for the brand to represent obstacles and hurdles that they overcome on the way. The new identity is reinterpreted by a continues sailor rope, representing the spirit of cyclic flow from Taoism. By bridging the eastern and western, traditional craft and modern style, Zishi took the attempt to portray the new Asian aesthetic in the globalized market. 

client / Fion Maison 
art direction / Zishi Studio
product design / Changchien Shihyang
graphic design / Changchien Shihyang, Gilly Huang 
illustration / ZISHI


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