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Suzhou Traditionow Residency|Neon Door Gods

As the most representative New Year prints, Taohuawu prints have Liu Hai (as a little boy) and door gods (Yuchi Gong and Qin Shubao) as their common motifs. Liu Hai holding the ingots in his hands while stepping on the golden toad symbolizes the wealth and luck he would bring to people, while the door gods holding a gold mace and gold whop respectively are to keep away evil spirits. 

There is a total of four pieces in this design, two in a group. The designer has figured out the modern counterparts of the objects held or worn by the traditional characters, as presented in Master Qiaomai’s New Year prints. As a result, the coins held by Liu Hai have been replaced by a mobile phone used by modern people to pay for everything, while the door gods put on AR glasses that are used exclusively for fighting monsters in video games. Within the original layout, the modern objects sketched with the neon tubes are overlaid on their ancient counterparts. Such an overlapping visual effect highlighting the continuity and evolution of material conditions and lifestyles from ancient to modern times.


organizer | 上海起承文化发展有限公司 

craftsmanship | Taohuawu prints、Neon tubes

designer | Changchien Shihyang


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