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Suzhou Traditionow Residency|Dialogue with Suzhou

When collecting information about Suzhou before leaving for the residency, the designer/ painter read a report stating that Suzhou’s local dialect (Wu's tongue) is on a rapid decline. Troubled by the report, the designer paid immediate attention to the scene of local residents communicating in dialect once he arrived in Suzhou. This unique experience connects him to the beautiful ancient dialect while inspiring him to come up with such a design concept. 

The experience in Suzhou allowed him to learn about the warmth and elegant culture brought by Suzhou dialect. Therefore, the tapestry entitled “Dialogue with Suzhou” has collected the most beautiful Suzhou expressions to him. With the design, he hopes the gentle Suzhou dialect may once again find its presence in contemporary Suzhou. The Suzhou expressions mentioned on the tapestry are: 

Scarlet youth, Throw a turtle to a slate, When the sun rises, Talk nonsense, Have you eaten yet? Drop by for a visit, Make friends, Tableware, Scarcely, Obviously, Rotate steadily and slowly, Little girl, Scoundrel, Look on, A burning pain, Long time no see, Dense, What time.


organizer | 上海起承文化发展有限公司 

craftsmanship | Paper cutting、Paper/laser cutting

designer | Changchien Shihyang


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