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but.|Artist Collaboration


but. collaborates with Taiwanese artists to explore the Taiwanese contemporary culture. The artists strive to amalgamate the characteristics of each individual French butter cookie, to articulate the layers of Taiwan’s multifaceted culture. The series takes you on a journey to reshape the relationship between the traditional and the modern culture and ultimately giving new meaning to what contemporary Taiwanese culture could be.

Terroir x Zishi

The phoenix and the diamond in the picture is a metaphorical depict of the pineapple cookie. The artist uses Tu Di Gong (the God of Land), dragon dancers, and a traditional dance performer as a metaphor to convey complex flavor of the golden diamond pineapple.

Festival x Zishi

From far is the Burgundy staggered camouflages, but up close you will find the tiger leap through layers of clouds. A dragon, an element from the East, spirally looming from the clouds with only his head and front talon protruding. The color choice and the clever usage of the eastern element challenges and softens the masculine image typically associated with camouflages.

client | but.

art direction | Zishi Studio

photography | but.


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