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螢幕快照 2019-01-28 下午2.57.40.png

Yan Palace |Yan Wo Collaboration Set


This is a collaboration project with leading edible swiftlet nest brand “Yan Palace”.

“Yan Wo”(swift’s nest soup) has always been a precious ingredient of the ancient Chinese for 5 centuries. Yan Palace is different from other ready-to-eat swift's nest brands on the market. The brand concept is to allow everyone to enjoy high-quality swift's nest at any time. It is ceremonial to enjoy this dish in a bowl, and the act also responds to the ancient respect for this special ingredient. We use traditional blue patterns to depict the historical path from collecting swift's nest in the wild to presenting it to the emperor. The production of the bowl’s form was completed together with Jingdezhen craftsmen.

client | Yan Palace

art direction | Zishi Studio


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